I am happy to announce that Gregor Schmidingers Movie NEVRLAND wins the AUSTRIAN FILM PRICE (Österreichischer Filmpreis) in the category BEST SOUNDDESIGN (beste Tongestaltung).

The team:

Location Sound: Gregor Kienel
Sound editing & Voice Sounddesign: Rudolf Gottsberger (studioROT, VOESD)
Foleys: Nils Kirchof, Rainer Spänle

Sounddesign & Atmos Mix: Thomas Pötz (Cosmix Studios, VOESD)

This time we’ve had the chance to choose a different approach for the sounddesign.

Max/Msp by Cycling74 (for the rhythmic parts) and Kyma by Symbolic Sounds (for voice effects) where the tools and finally my old JUNO and the dusty OBERHEIM MATRIX were the favourites instead of often overused library sounds. A lot of the pulsating techno strobo shots were fed to a MSP patch to trigger a MOOG for accurate pulsating basses (Yes that may be one of the reasons for the warning at the beginning of the movie :)) and the OBERHEIM delivered a lot of the pads. Foley sounds were recorded and mixed in classical way but have also been used for triggering rather strange sample libraries…

NEVRLAND was mixed in DOLBY ATMOS thanks to the powerful Atmos installation @ Cosmix Studios.