Sold out – from street to stadium

2001 „Sold out – from street to stadium“ | 57 min | Regie: John Buche | Fish Film

„Sold Out – From Street To Stadium“. A documentary – Foul play behind the world´s most popular sport. For millions of kids, soccer is not a mere pastime. Especially in Africa, the game offers the only way out of misery, the sole hope for survival – and the prospect of stardom. Countless African teens dream of careers like those of Bayern Munich´s Sammy Kuffour or Arsenal´s Kanu. And countless European scouts and agents lure the young away with big promises. Local teams are all too happy to sell their players abroad; European clubs are all too eager to set up soccer schools in their hunt for fresh talent. Surely, only a few can make it. Yet, what actually goes on behind the scenes? What happens to the many who fail? How are others treated? Following the sad fates of three young Africans, the film unveils a harrowing reality. Soccer legends Franz Beckenbauer and Abedi Pele speak out as do FIFA officials.